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About Us

The Mummsy Mission

Our mission is to inspire authenticity, individuality, and creativity by offering trendy, dynamic products that give each shopper a magical experience that positively impacts how they feel. Our vision is to inspire people to surround themselves with beauty.

If you look good, you feel good 
If you feel good, you do good
If you do good, you inspire good
So start by looking good

xoxo - MummsyWitch

The Gist

In 2017, Alli Wangerin, Minneapolis resident & lover of all things creative founded Having worked in the e-commerce and marketing industry for 5+ years she was hungry for a store where she could indulge her love of trendy dynamic products, attire, and decor while pursuing her love of design and marketing. Alli went on to build a lifestyle brand that would reflect her creative mind, love for life, art and positive vibes. Each product is carefully chosen with the intention of inspiring shoppers to live a creative lifestyle that is full of magic and miracles.

A MummsyWitch is a creative-minded person who believes in the power of miracles and the beauty of magic. They surround themselves with people, clothing, and items that inspire them to feel better, be better and do better.